Saturday night was a thrilling night, as we saw the Dirty Harriets take on the Tar Sand Betties and then the River City Riot versus the OCDG All Stars.The first game saw the Betties take the win 186 to 144.  It was a very cutthroat game with a lot of hard hits and risky plays, and  actually started with a bang as the Harriets went for a panty pass right off the first whistle (and then twice more just for fun).  Of course the Betties were on top of things and called off the jams, knowing this play meant that Harriets forfeited lead jammer status. This tactic was actually something that OCDG’s new recruits (“fresh meat”) learned about recently during a practice, and it was great to see it demonstrated on the track – not to mention exciting to watch. The second game was equally as exciting and ended with the Riot boys winning 301 to 115.  This goes to show how well this team performs together, as they were an incredibly small roster for this game, with approximately 9 players to field.
Special Thanks to the Tar Sand Betties for coming to visit, the officials, volunteers, and fans!

Our next bout will be November 22nd, our Annual Sk8mare Before Xmas #8 - Triple Header with a co-ed, rookie, and advanced game tickets will be available soon.

Oil City Derby Girls' mission is to provide a fun, professional and safe environment for women & men to develop superior skills in the sport of roller derby. We strive to promote self-discipline and personal improvement, while empowering aspiring skaters to embrace their athleticism and strengthen their team spirit. OCDG gives athletes the skills and confidence to succeed both on and off the track.

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